Negotiation Tactics

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Last Update February 27, 2024
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Negotiation Tactics


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Negotiation Tactics is a lesson designed to boost students’ language skills and navigate the world of negotiation confidently. 💼🌟

Start with a lively warm-up, prompting students to think about negotiation in their professional lives. Interactive activities guide them through negotiation dos and don’ts, fostering collaborative discussions. 💬💡 Engaging pair work, matching exercises, and group discussions provide hands-on practice with negotiation strategies.

Real-world scenarios, like salary negotiations and cross-cultural collaborations, help students grasp practical negotiation tactics. 🤝🌐 The lesson includes a thought-provoking text on strategic information exchange, comparing it to a chess game. 📝🤔 A vocabulary activity reinforces key terms related to negotiation.

Culminating in role-play scenarios, teachers use a set of useful phrases to apply their skills. 🎭🗨️ Beyond language proficiency, this lesson equips ESL students with essential life skills, emphasizing collaboration, effective communication, and cultural sensitivity. 🌍🗣️ Elevate your language teaching journey while mastering the art of negotiation – a valuable asset in personal and professional settings. Download now for practical ESL teaching material. 📚🚀

Enjoy! 😊🌟

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