Competition in Business

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Competition in Business


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This is a  video-based upper-intermediate (B2-C1) worksheet about competition in business. It will work well for any high-level business English class, but particularly well for a class involved in business strategy. It contains speaking, reading, and listening practice.

Students will discuss the role of competition in business, and then read and complete a paragraph about the downfall of Kodak. Next, students will match the logos of several competitors in major industries, and read sentences about these industries, choosing different  forms  of the word competition (competitor, compete, etc.) Then students will ask and answer some conversational questions about competition in their own industry in order to practice using the language they have learned. After this the students will watch an 8 minute video about the very competitive “meal kit” industry in the U.S (Hello Fresh, Blue Apron, etc.) and answer some comprehension questions on the video. The final exercise asks the students to come up with their own idea for a meal kit company, and make a presentation explaining how they would compete in the current market. is in no way affiliated with, authorized, maintained, sponsored, or endorsed by The Wall Street Journal YouTube channel.



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