Making Suggestions and Giving Advice

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Last Update February 27, 2024
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Making Suggestions and Giving Advice


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Making Suggestions and Giving Advice

Welcome to an exciting intermediate-level lesson designed to enhance your students’ ability to make suggestions and give advice! 🌟

In this engaging PDF worksheet, your students will embark on a journey of exploring various scenarios, sharing advice, and honing their speaking skills. 🗣️

Lesson Highlights:

📖 Reading and Discussion: Students will read and discuss several pieces of advice, fostering critical thinking and comprehension skills.

💡 Practice Giving Advice: Through hypothetical situations, students will practice giving their own advice, encouraging creativity and expression.

🎓 Gerunds vs. Infinitives: Students will learn about the differences between gerunds and infinitives, enhancing their grammatical knowledge.

📧 Email Response: Students will reply to an email asking for advice, applying their newly acquired skills in a real-world context.

🔤 Phrases for Giving Advice: Students will learn different phrases used to give advice, such as “you’d better” and “why don’t you,” expanding their vocabulary and language fluency.

This worksheet offers a dynamic mix of speaking, reading, and writing activities, providing ample opportunities for students to practice and improve their English language skills. 📚

Get ready for an interactive and fruitful learning experience that will empower your students to confidently make suggestions and give advice! 🚀

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