Delivering Powerful Presentations

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Last Update May 24, 2024
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Delivering Powerful Presentations


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Enhance your students’ presentation skills with this engaging and practical lesson designed for Business English learners! 📊✨ This worksheet guides learners through the essentials of delivering impactful presentations. The lesson starts with warm-up discussions, encouraging students to share their experiences and thoughts on what makes presentations effective. 💬

Students then brainstorm tips for giving stellar presentations, followed by watching and analyzing the TED Talk “Less Stuff, More Happiness” to identify key presentation techniques.🔍 Group activities involve preparing and pitching a new office product or service, fostering creativity and collaborative decision-making. 🧠🤝

The lesson includes a segment on brainstorming and sharing useful presentation phrases, as well as a discussion on the differences between online and face-to-face presentations. 🌐👥 To put everything into practice, students work in pairs to prepare and deliver a presentation on a selected topic, using the techniques and phrases they have learned. 🎤📈

Perfect for improving public speaking skills, boosting confidence, and making presentations memorable! 🌟💡


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