It’s the end of the World!!

Tobin Ayres
Last Update January 13, 2024
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It’s the end of the World!!


Its the End of the World SV B1 B2 C1.pdf
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Its the End of the World TV B1 B2 C1.pdf
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It’s the end of the World!!

This fun conversational lesson is suitable for any level from B1 to C2. The class will be presented with the hypothetical situation: it’s the end of the world, you have a helicopter with limited space, and you are flying to an island away from the chaos. The students will be placed in pairs or groups, and asked to make a series of difficult choices in this situation. The students must debate amongst themselves and come up with the best course of action. This lesson is perfect for a class that likes to talk, and good for any class that has recently studied agreeing and disagreeing. The teacher’s version contains a more in depth guide.

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