Human Resources 4 Company branding

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Human Resources 4 Company branding


Human Resources 4 Company Branding SV B2.pdf
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🎉 This is an upper intermediate lesson on company branding designed for B2 ESL students! 🎨 In this engaging lesson, your students will dive into the fascinating world of branding and explore the strategies used by companies to create strong brand identities. 🏢💼 They’ll analyze real-world examples, including LinkedIn ads and company slogans, to understand how language, imagery, and tone contribute to brand perception. 💬💼

Through interactive discussions and activities, your students will learn about different branding channels, the impact of employee behavior on brand perception, and the importance of branding in attracting top talent. 💡 They’ll also get to explore changing logos and the concept of debranding, uncovering the reasons behind this intriguing trend. 🔄🔍

With fun exercises and thought-provoking questions, this lesson is sure to spark creativity and critical thinking in your ESL classroom! 🚀🌟 Download now to give your students an unforgettable learning experience! 📚✨


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