The Medical Industry 1

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The Medical Industry 1


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The Medical Industry 1

In this first lesson of a series on the medical industry, students will begin by engaging in warm-up questions related to the medical field, which will serve as an introduction to the topic. They will then move on to learning and practicing medical-related verbs, which will help them to understand and describe the actions and processes that take place in the medical industry. In addition, students will cover vocabulary related to different medical departments and the various occupations that are associated with them. This will give them a broad understanding of the different roles and responsibilities within the medical industry.

The grammar point of present continuous vs present simple will also be introduced and practiced through exercises and examples. This will help students to understand the different uses of these verb tenses and to use them correctly in their own writing and speaking.

As a listening comprehension activity, students will listen to a radio show interview with a paramedic and answer comprehension questions. This will provide them with a real-life example of someone working in the medical field, which will deepen their understanding of the topic.

Lastly, the lesson concludes with discussion questions that will encourage students to reflect on the material covered. These questions will provide them with an opportunity to share their own thoughts and opinions about the medical industry, and to further explore the topics covered in the lesson.


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