Pre-Intermediate Tense Review

Tobin Ayres
Last Update January 22, 2024
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Pre-Intermediate Tense Review


Pre-intermediate Tense Review B1 SV.pdf
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Pre-intermediate Tense Review B1 TV.pdf
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Pre-Intermediate Tense Review

This is a grammar worksheet designed to give either a review or an overview of the core tenses at the Pre-intermediate level (A2/B1). The worksheet starts with a brief introduction of present simple, present continuous, past simple, present perfect, future simple, going to, and first conditional. Each section gives a brief grammar explanation (e.g “past simple vs present perfect” or “going to vs future simple”) and then asks the students to complete tasks to demonstrate their understanding. This worksheet will work well with any A2/B1 class looking to get a broad grammatical overview, and will also help the teacher to understand where the student’s weak points may be. The worksheet is broken down into four sections: present simple vs present continuous, past simple vs present perfect,  will vs going to, and first conditional.


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