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Job Interview


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This B1 intermediate ESL lesson focuses on the theme of job interviews, offering a comprehensive set of activities to engage and enhance students’ language skills. 💼🎙️ The lesson begins with a warm-up section where students can discuss personal experiences related to jobs, work, and preferences. 🗣️💬 The vocabulary exercises cover commonly used terms in employment contexts, providing opportunities for both individual and collaborative learning. 📚🤝

The lesson includes partner discussions on retirement, industries affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, and the components of a letter of resignation. 💬📝 It also features a reading activity about Sally’s profile, requiring students to fill in the gaps with prepositions. This aids in reinforcing prepositional usage in a work-related context. 📖✍️

The lesson incorporates listening comprehension with a job interview scenario involving Miranda. 🎧 Students listen to the interview and answer questions to assess their understanding of the skills, qualifications, job descriptions, and motivations discussed during the interview. 📝👂 This section offers valuable insights into real-life job interview situations.

To further enhance speaking and conversational skills, the lesson concludes with a role-play activity where students can practice interviewing each other about their past or current jobs. 👥💬 The worksheet also includes a homework assignment for additional practice with prepositions related to work and employment. 📝🏠

Overall, this lesson is designed to help ESL learners improve their vocabulary, grammar, and communication skills within the context of job interviews and the workplace. 💪🌟 It is suitable for group or pair work in a classroom setting and provides practical language use for students aiming to improve their English proficiency at the intermediate level.


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