Lesson 7 – Everyday Places and Things!

Tobin Ayres
Last Update May 24, 2024
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Lesson 7 – Everyday Places and Things!


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🌟 Welcome to Quick and Easy English Lesson 7 – Everyday Places and Things! 🌳🏢 Let the language exploration continue as we dive into the vibrant world around us, mastering both present simple and present continuous tenses! 🎉📚 In this seventh installment of our A0 series, students will not only match words to pictures and fill in the gaps with everyday vocabulary but also engage in the captivating story of Dr. Patel, practicing both present simple and present continuous forms. 📖🔍 Get ready to immerse your students in language learning fun with activities like matching phrases to pictures, describing clothing, and crafting sentences about people’s activities and attire, all while reinforcing the nuances of present tense usage. 👕💬 Whether it’s spotting Dr. Patel’s favorite spots or describing scenes of people in action, this lesson promises to make language learning a breeze while solidifying their grasp on present tense forms! 🎈💡

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