Lesson 4 – Numbers, verbs and more

Tobin Ayres
Last Update February 27, 2024
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Lesson 4 – Numbers, verbs and more


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In this comprehensive ESL lesson, students will dive into vocabulary and language structures about meals, numbers, seasons, and daily routines. 🍽️🔢🌞 Beginning with an engaging warm-up, they’ll match various foods to appropriate times of the day, reinforcing their understanding of daily routines. 🌅 Next, they’ll delve into personal questions, strengthening their ability to discuss eating habits. 💬 Through paired activities, they’ll enhance their numerical literacy skills. 🤝 Visual aids will aid them in associating seasons with preferences. 🍂 A simulated interview will promote practical language use, covering personal information, spelling, and expressions of preference. 🎙️ The lesson will also include a quick review of previously learned material, the introduction of irregular verbs, and exercises focusing on verb conjugation. ✍️ Practical application tasks will further solidify their comprehension and ability to communicate. 💡 The lesson will conclude with exercises on describing daily routines, emphasizing the use of time phrases. ⏰ This well-rounded lesson plan aims to provide an all-round learning experience for ESL students, offering a balance of vocabulary, grammar, and practical communication skills.

Have fun! 🎉

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