Card Game: Irregular Verbs

Tobin Ayres
Last Update February 27, 2024
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Card Game: Irregular Verbs


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In this interactive card game 🃏 designed for ESL students, the objective is to reinforce irregular verbs’ base forms, past tenses, and past participles. Each pair of students receives a set of irregular verb cards. One student reveals the base form of a verb, while the other must quickly state its past tense and past participle forms. Correct answers earn the card, while incorrect ones lead to a quick correction. This engaging activity fosters repetition and confidence in using irregular verbs. For an added challenge, consider introducing a time limit ⏰ for responses. Additionally, for a variation, you can play it in a manner similar to a popular word-guessing game, where players give clues without using specific words related to the verb. 🎲


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