Human Resources 2

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Last Update December 24, 2023
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Human Resources 2


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We’ve got an addition to our HR worksheet series: “Human Resources 2”! Designed for high-intermediate and advanced ESL HR students.

In “Human Resources 2,” we dive into employee relations. The lesson begins with a warm-up, where students discuss common challenges faced by HR professionals and the significance of maintaining a positive work environment. The vocabulary matching activity strengthens their understanding of key terms like “open-door policy” and “workplace culture.” Engaging in small group discussions provides an opportunity for students to share strategies for conflict resolution and team building in the workplace.

The reading passage introduces a dialogue between Sarah and Mark. In this dialogue, they discuss concerns and the importance of HR in mediating conflicts and addressing employee grievances. Students answer comprehension questions to demonstrate their understanding of the text. The focus shifts to the Present Simple versus the Present Simple in grammar. Present Continuous tenses, allowing students to practice verb forms in context.

To apply their knowledge, students engage in a fill-in-the-gaps exercise, where they choose the correct verb form. The lesson concludes with a scenario-based activity, where students work in pairs or small groups to address a conflict between two employees, Lisa and Alex. They propose solutions and strategies for conflict resolution, emphasizing mediation, communication, collaboration, and long-term solutions.


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