Giving Feedback 2

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Last Update December 24, 2023
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Giving Feedback 2


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Welcome to Part 2 of our adapted worksheet on giving effective feedback. This continuation of the two-part series takes your students’ feedback-giving skills to the next level, exploring advanced techniques and scenarios.

Kick off with a stimulating warm-up discussion, delving into the evolving nature of feedback, cross-cultural variations, the distinction between constructive feedback and criticism, and diverse approaches to different roles.

Building on Part 1, this section goes beyond the Sandwich Feedback model. It introduces practical phrases for giving praise, constructive feedback, and even addressing negative aspects while encouraging improvement. Engaging your students in interactive exercises to apply these phrases effectively to real-world scenarios.

Dive into dynamic role-play scenarios that mimic real-life situations. Develop your students’ feedback skills by getting them to step into the shoes of a manager addressing punctuality or a team member seeking improvement in quality standards. Furthermore, students will gain insights into different perspectives and strategies for delivering and receiving feedback.

Learning Objectives:

  • Enhance feedback comprehension and delivery in diverse contexts

  • Apply advanced phrases for giving praise, constructive feedback, and addressing issues

  • Develop empathetic feedback strategies through interactive role-play scenarios


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