Describing Trends and Stocks

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Last Update March 19, 2024
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Describing Trends and Stocks


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Describing Trends and Stocks

This is an intermediate business English worksheet about describing trends and stocks. It contains listening, reading, and speaking elements. Students will follow the story of Brett, a financial analyst who has been asked to research three new stocks for his company to invest in. Students will read about Brett’s project and study vocabulary used to describe trends (increase, decrease, drop, etc). Then they will study some charts and graphs and look at the language used to describe them. Then they will briefly study some adverbs (sharply, slightly, gradually etc) commonly used when describing trends, and look at the difference between using past simple and present perfect. Finally they will listen to two conversations discussing the stocks Brett has chosen, and practice giving a small presentation themselves about the stocks.

This lesson will work well with any intermediate business class that works in finance, but also with any intermediate class that wants to practice discussing trends in general.


The transcript for the audio files can be found at the end of the Teacher’s Version (TV).

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