Describing Personality

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Last Update December 27, 2023
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Describing Personality


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Describing Personality

This worksheet covers lots of adjectives used to describe personality. The students will start with a gap-fill exercise describing the different personalities of a group of friends. They will then describe some people they see in pictures and compare them with a partner. It’s interesting to see the different adjectives people tend to use based on appearances.

Next, students will work in groups or pairs to discuss famous people from the past and present. Here they can chat about what they know about them and how they would describe them.

Finally, students will write a paragraph to describe someone they know. It could be a parent, their dog, their spouse, their baby, etc. The rest of the class has to guess who the person (or pet) is. This can be done by hanging the written paragraphs on the wall in the classroom and having the students go around reading the paragraphs and writing who it is below. Alternatively, students can write their names on the top and the sheet can be passed around the class for students to read and leave their guess below. Otherwise, students can simply read the description to their partner or group and have them guess who the person is out loud.

There are many variations to play the last game. We hope you find one that suits you and your class!


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