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🎉 Spice up your English class with our condiments-themed lesson for B2 learners and above! 🍽️ Dive into the world of culinary chemistry as students explore the role of condiments in enhancing flavors, preservation methods, and cultural significance. From tangy balsamic vinegar to savory soy sauce, this lesson covers a smorgasbord of condiments from around the globe.

In the warm-up, students discuss their thoughts on condiments and share their favorite flavors. They’ll delve into culinary chemistry with engaging questions about traditional preservation methods, umami, and fermentation, all while discovering unique condiments from different cultures.

The main activity challenges students to match condiments with their countries of origin and ages, sparking lively discussions about food history and cultural exchange. 🌍 They’ll also practice writing skills by rewriting sentences using reduced relative clauses, adding a linguistic twist to the lesson.

But wait, there’s more! Finally, students will watch a video 🎥 about the surprising history of ketchup, answering questions to test their comprehension. From the evolution of fish sauce to the modernization of tomato-based ketchup by Henry J. Heinz.

Whether your students are foodies or just looking for a fun English lesson, this condiments-themed worksheet is sure to add some zest to your classroom! Download now and let the learning begin! 📚✨

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