Card Game: False Friends English – German

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Last Update May 24, 2024
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Card Game: False Friends English – German


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Let’s dive into the world of false friends specifically for German learners! 🇩🇪 This engaging activity can stand alone as a fun and educational experience or be seamlessly integrated into our ever-expanding collection of card games. Select 5 different card topics from our collection and number each topic. Next, students roll a die to determine which deck they’ll be working with. If they roll a six, they have the freedom to choose any topic they prefer.

In the online version, simply open the different decks onto your chosen browser and scroll through the digital cards, and the answers will appear after each card, providing instant feedback. It’s convenient and effortless, allowing you to learn at your student’s pace! 🖥️

For those working face-to-face, we offer a printable version with physical cards that you can easily print out and use in classes. It’s the perfect option for teachers looking to incorporate interactive activities into their lessons or for students who enjoy a tactile learning experience. 📚

What makes this game special? While our focus is on false friends – words that look or sound similar in English and German but have different meanings – we’ve also sneakily included true friends to keep students on their toes! This adds an extra element of surprise and discovery! 🔍

Get ready for your students to laugh and learn with Quick and Easy English card games! Enjoy! 😄👍

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