Business: Small Talk

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Last Update December 26, 2023
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Business: Small Talk


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The worksheet includes various activities and questions related to the importance of small talk in business settings, its cultural significance, and tips for engaging in small talk successfully.

The worksheet begins with a warm-up section that asks the reader about their opinions on small talk when it is useful or important and their experiences with cultural misunderstandings during small talk in business settings. It also asks for tips on what topics to discuss and avoid during small talk.

Next, the worksheet includes a text titled “The Importance of Small Talk in Cross-Cultural Business Communication” which explains why small talk is important in business settings, how it can be useful for building relationships, and the challenges of engaging in small talk in cross-cultural contexts. The text also includes an example of a cultural difference in the importance of small talk between Germany and Brazil.

Following the text, the worksheet includes comprehension questions related to the text, vocabulary matching exercises, a quiz on small talk around the world, and a video titled “How Sweden survives without small talk”.

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