Business Email

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Business Email


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Business Email

This worksheet starts off with a warm-up about emails. Students get a chance to discuss how many emails they receive and send every day, what they think about writing emails in English, and more. The students will then get a chance to test their vocab knowledge on commonly used key symbols.

After some good warming up the students can really get stuck in on the second page. Here students will have to correct common mistakes made by English learners in email. This is an opportunity for teachers to review and expand on grammar points. Teachers can find grammar explanations and notes in the Teachers Version of the document. Following this exercise, the students will also get an opportunity to explain the meaning of some business English phrasal verbs. The worksheet finally finishes off with some email writing practice, which can be done in class or at home.

This worksheet is an all-rounder. Covering speaking, grammar, and writing. We hope you like it!

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