Days, Months, Years

Tobin Ayres
Last Update December 24, 2023
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Days, Months, Years


Days Months Years A1 SV.pdf
Size: 540.43 KB
Days Months Years A1 TV.pdf
Size: 543.71 KB
1. days.mp3
Size: 959.99 KB
2. years.mp3
Size: 1.41 MB

This is a beginner level worksheet with listening elements about how we speak about dates. Students will practice discussing routines on days of the week, practice talking about dates, listen to a man speaking about his week, and listen to a man talk about important dates in his life. This worksheet will be useful for beginner students, but also students who make frequent mistakes when talking about days and dates.


The transcript for the audio can be found at the end of the teachers version (TV).

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