Lesson 6 What, where, when, why?

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Last Update February 27, 2024
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Lesson 6 What, where, when, why?


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In Lesson 6, students will delve into the essential question words: what, when, where, and why. 🤔 This lesson focuses on developing students’ ability to ask and answer questions about daily routines, days of the week, and telling time. 📅⏰

The lesson begins with a pair work activity where students ask and answer questions about various daily activities using the question words ‘do’ and ‘does.’ 💬 Through this interactive exercise, students practice forming questions and responding to them, fostering both speaking and listening skills. 👥

Next, students work in new pairs to interview each other based on the information they gathered from the previous activity. 🎤 This promotes peer interaction and reinforces the use of question words in a real-life context.

Following that, students engage in activities to reinforce their understanding of the days of the week. 📆 They arrange the days in the correct order, ask and answer questions about the days of the week, and explore the concept of weekdays versus weekends. 📅

In the latter part of the lesson, students practice forming open questions using the question words introduced earlier. 🔄 They read answers and write corresponding questions, enhancing their comprehension and ability to formulate questions in English. 📝

Additionally, students deepen their understanding of time-related vocabulary by practicing asking and answering questions about time, including both digital and analog formats. ⏰🕰️

Finally, the lesson concludes with a pair work activity where students inquire about each other’s daily routines and schedules, practicing the question words and vocabulary introduced throughout the lesson. 👫

By the end of Lesson 6, students will have strengthened their ability to ask and answer questions using essential question words, expanded their vocabulary related to daily routines and time, and improved their overall communicative skills in English. 🌟

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