Human Resources 3 – Recruiting

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Last Update February 27, 2024
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Human Resources 3 – Recruiting


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Welcome to the third installment of our HR Professional Series! 🌟 Tailored for high-level ESL students, this worksheet immerses HR professionals in a dynamic exploration of recruitment. 💼 Beyond its practical applications in the HR field, this lesson uniquely integrates language development, focusing on grammar intricacies related to question formation in various tenses.

Dive into the intricacies of effective interview techniques, strategic questioning, and the art of uncovering hidden strengths in candidates. 🎯 This lesson places a strong emphasis on refining grammar skills, particularly in question formation—an essential structure for recruiters. With a spotlight on four different tenses—past simple, present simple, continuous, and perfect—students get a hands-on opportunity to practice crafting questions within the context of real-world scenarios. 📝 Elevate your language proficiency and master the crucial skill of question formation for recruiters in this engaging and practical lesson.

The engaging video, “How your unique story can get you hired,” sparks thought-provoking discussions on self-doubt, diversity, and the impact of personal narratives in professional settings. 🎥 Perfect for HR professionals seeking to sharpen their language abilities while gaining industry-specific insights, this lesson propels learners toward success in the competitive field of Human Resources.

Download now to equip your students with language proficiency and strategic insights, ensuring they stand out in their HR careers. 🚀

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